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00 per adult applicant 18 years or older All applicants 18 yrs. and older must fill out their own rental application 125. 00 if a Small Business Credit Report is requested The Application Processing Fee If applicant has provided the First Month s Rent Earnest Money Deposit payable to Long and Foster Voucher must be included in the package in lieu of the First Month s rent check. Application Procedure Checklist All documentation and checks must be given to the Long and Foster Property...
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How s it's going everyone Matt Leighton and welcome back to another video. Today we're talking rental application mistakes. In this video, I'm going to give you 7 mistakes to avoid when you apply for your rental property. This is mostly for applying to condos, townhouses, and houses that are owned by a private owner but could also be used for applying to apartments. So with that being said, let s get started. Number one is Negotiating before Applying. When I have a rental listing, I will get so many calls and emails that say something like- Is the property still available and is the owner flexible on the rent? Okay what? You haven't even seen the place, but you want me to ask the owner if they'll lower the rent? Will you be applying? Do you want to set up a visit? Can we see your application to make sure you don't have a credit score of 400? The time to negotiate is when you submit the application. Theirs nothing wrong with negotiating. In fact, I almost encourage it depending on the market. But your initial contact with the agent or the owner should never be asking if the owner will lower the rent. Without an application, you have zero leverage, and you're wasting everyone s time. Mistake number two is applying too far out. In Virginia most properties come available between 45 – 60 days from whepropertytIsisis available to move-in. Yet I will still constantly get inquiries from people looking to move 6 months in the future. Sure if you're repurchasing a property, maybe there s value there, but if you're renting, I just can't do anything for you when your timeline is that far out. Some people told me that they were disappointed I wasn't able to help them. I'm like there's nothing I can do! An owner won't hold their condo in Clarendon for you for 4 months, so you can line up yourmove-in date perfectly. I can't add value to your search until there are properties available that are within your time frame. The best time to start looking for a rental in the Northern Virginia area is 60 days from your move date. And even that is pushing it. If you are looking for a place and your move-in date is more than 2 months in the future, you are wasting your time. You will be visiting places that will be leased up by other people who are moving in the next few weeks. Most landlords will only hold their property for a month so if you apply to a place nearly June, they would be looking for an early July move-in. Be aware of your timeframe, so you're not out wasting your time. Mistake number three is not knowing your move in date. If a real estate agent or owner asks you when your move in date is, you better have an answer. If you say, oh whenever I have a month-to-month lease. That is the wrong answer. You will go to the bottom of the order on who will get to see the property. And you might say oh well when I see the right place, I'll make a decision, great that tells me that you've seen 50 places, and you still haven't made a decision. In my experience, those...
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